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Skineffekt is a program that calculates and shows in graphs many of the things you may have wondered about when it comes to the Skin effect.
Use it as a tool to quickly calculate the behaviour of a conductor of any material and dimension.
Even if you only wants to calculate the resistance of a wire and maybe it's temperature dependency this program comes as a handy tool!


All text boxes with a white background are data input areas.

You can choose from some comon conductor material and enter four material of your own. In the picture to the right you se how the input boxes are aranged.

You can choose what language you wish the text to be shown in. The options today is English or Swedish.


The text boxes below them (with pale yellow background) shows the calculated results. The accuracy and resolution depends of which verson of the program you are using. Note that the DC inductance and total inductance is the internal inductanse of the conductor! Not the external that depends of the way you wind it. To get the inductance of, for example, a loop you sum the internal and the external inductanse. The skin effect gives a frequency dependency to the inductanse of the loop.
This data in the output boxes are for one specified frequency only. The graph shows the result for a broad rang of frequencies.

You control the graph with the check boxes below it. It is possible to zoom in an area of the graph with the mouse.

An example of the results from Skineffekt Pro

System requirements:

Windows XP. Win 98 SE works also fine but is not fully tested.
System upgraded with .NET Framework 1.1 or higher! You find the latest version at Windows update:
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