Problem with Skineffekt?

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If you got any problem with running Skineffekt you should first check that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. They are:

Windows XP. Win 98 SE works also fine but is not fully tested.

Skineffekt also uses the .NET Framework version 1.1. If you havn't uppgraded your system with this platform for building, deploying, and running applications it's time to do so now. Many new program uses it and sooner or later you have to install it. Some program install it under the installation but I desided not to do so. Mostly to keep the downloaded file so small as possible. The .NET Framework is a big package.
You find it at the Windows update page:

If you get:  "mscoree.dll could not be found......" that means that you don't have the .NET Framework.

More problems will be added later as they are discovered.
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