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To Register the program Skineffekt and get all the functions you simply type in your registration information here below. The payment goes through PayPal where you can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account.

You have to download and run the program once to get the Serial number!

Program   * Required
Serial number * Required
e-mail address * Required
Name/ Country/Company
Type of Registration * Required

Program: The version of Skineffekt you have. You find it in the program menu Help/About Skineffekt.
Serial number: You find it in the program menu Help/About Skineffekt.
e-mail address: The e-mail address the registration code shall be sent to.
Name/Country/Company: Please, type in your name and were you come from. It's only for my own curiosity.
Type of Registration: Choose what type of registration you want to order. For more information of the Pro-version or the Standard version visit the Skineffekt page.

Buy Now: Takes you to PayPal, where you can pay for the registration.

A registration code will be sent to you when the payment has been registered. Please be patient if it takes some time. Normally you get the code within a day but I may be away and not be able to process your order before I'm back.
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